A fast and cost-effective
hair removal and skin rejuvenation

Sirius reduces treatment time and increases the efficacy of your treatments while offering a highly user-friendly design and interface.

Using Selective Waveband Technology (SWT®), Sirius allows you to meet patients’ increasing demands for aesthetic and dermatologic procedures.

Sirius offers indications for use for hair removal, facial thread veins and skin rejuvenation, three sought-after treatment areas.

With Sirius you have known, low running costs – and fast treatment times, giving high potential earning. Consult us on total costs – and let us calculate the return on investment based on your expected treatments.

Sirius offers an intuitive, easy and intelligent user interface which ensures fast learning and ensures safer, more effective treatments.

Sirius is a high quality product designed and manufactured in Denmark.

Sirius is at the technological forefront with advanced technologies for safe, comfortable treatments!

5 reasons 

you want

a Sirius

5 Selective Waveband Technology Applicators
Sirius offers fast effective treatment of hair removal, facial thread veins and skin rejuvenation using 5 different SWT® applicators. The large spot HRL 600 applicator combined with high operating speed enables full-back hair removal in less than 10 minutes.
Clinical intelligence for safe and effective treatments
Ellipse’s unique clinical intelligence ensures effective treatment and reduces the risk of side effects. Your system automatically chooses the appropriate settings, including the energy level and pulse length, for each patient.
Silent and ergonomic operation
When you choose a light-based solution from Ellipse, you get the most silent system on the market – both during and between treatments. The touch screen gives you access to a client database with treatment data, as well as before and after pictures.
Advanced technologies for comfortable treatments
Ellipse light-based solutions feature a combination of two advanced, scientifically documented technologies: Ellipse’s unique Dual Mode Filtering and Square Pulse Technology. Dual Mode Filtering eliminates unnecessary and potential harmful wavelengths, allowing only those that are beneficial to the treatment, and the Square Pulse Technology minimises the risk of side effects by ensuring consistent intensity of energy throughout the pulse.
Excellent return on investment
A fast return on investment is ensured not only by the wide range of treatments offered. A higher patient turnover is also made possible by faster, more comfortable treatments resulting from using large and small spot applicators. Running costs are low with no hidden ownership costs. A 1-year Time Licence allows you to fire unlimited shots in the first year at no extra expense. And the system is supported by one of the best warranty packages in the industry.
Remote Assistance ensures a fast and reliable platform
Thanks to a secure online access, your system can be diagnosed, updated and even get the latest software and newest applications.